Sublimation means different things, the ability to produce photo-quality gift products. to make  custom performance apparel. Sublimation allows for many versatile products:

  • Mousepads, T-Shirts, Licence Plates, Puzzles, Key Tags, Clip boards, Christmas Ornaments

  • Coffee Mugs, Beer Steins, Travel Mugs, Frosted Mugs, Water Bottles

  • Plaques (4x6",5x7",6x8",7x9",8x10",9x12",11x15")

  • Affordable Trophy plates for clubs & non-profits

The literal definition of sublimation is the transition of a substance from a solid directly to a vapor without passing through the liquid phase. Sublimation, the solids are the particles of dye which rest on the surface of your printed transfer page. Using heat and pressure, the ink gasses off the page to permanently dye the sub-surface of a polyester based product including apparel, plastics, films, coated metals and woods.

Sublimation is a meeting of art and science. Our staff has 10 years experience in this process, The sublimation process is complex, full color images are vibrant and brilliant but please remember sublimation is a different process than normal printing and Pantone colors and photographs are close but never an exact match.

Please take a look at various sublimation products we offer.