MINIMUM QTY is 16 (or hockey team roster)

Digital 4-color process printing. Pantone colors will be converted to 4-colour process. Large 2.5 inches print area Official size and weight
Personalization available , Color: Black ,Production Time: 10 working days.

Our pucks are official weight and size of the NHL, 3 inches diameter, around 5.6 oz
Disclaimer: We hand wipes each puck with a special solution to increase adhesion before applying our durable ink. However, ice surfaces are very abrasive as are skate blades & sticks and logo wear is inevitable for any game used puck. Although we use the best logo adhesion process in the the business, we cannot warrenty the logo once the puck is used in a game. We have had some custom pucks show wear after just a period and others will last several games without any wear. It all depends on the ice conditions and how the puck is used. It is also worth noting that a typical NHL game puck sees only 2-3 minutes of ice time. Pucks are replaced at every TV timeout (every 4 minutes) and once in between if an opportunity to replace it occurs. This is to make sure a frozen puck is in use. It is common for junior & minor professional clubs to use 20 pucks per game as well. Trophy Gallery does not waranty pucks for logo wear or damage caused to puck by game play.